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Brushing up on crucial vocabulary


This month’s vocabulary lesson, as gleaned from the rare “clean” entries on the Urban Dictionary site, includes:

Special snowflake — a term for someone who believes she or he is different and unique.


“Have you noticed how the new franchisee in Waco thinks she’s a special snowflake? I can’t wait til she finally gets around to reading the FDD and finds out its a uniform franchise offering, and melts into tears.”

Thesaurus Rex — Someone who uses a thesaurus to look up loftier words in order to appear smart.

“Have you perceived how Franchise Times’ editor-at-enormous has been exploring words to appear to be witty, amusing and well-groomed? What a Thesaurus Rex.”

SFTME — Sorry for the mass email

IBFYBNBY — In business for yourself, but not by yourself

Full foie gras — Stuffing oneself quickly at a meal, in the tradition of a force-fed duck.

“Can you believe Franchise Times used ‘full foie gras’ here just so it could get another piece of art on the page?”

Ruth Harvey

Ruth Harvey poses with one of the low-tech robotics at Le Village Des Automates in France.

She’s going places

Here’s how Creative Director Ruth Harvey describes herself on Hot Dish Advertising’s website: copywriter, conceptual thinker, storyteller, world traveler, collector, fashion follower, cook. And here’s how she describes her personality when given a chance to use more than one-to-two word descriptions.

First job: I lied about my age and said I was 16 to work as a waitress at Poppin’ Fresh (now Baker’s Square). French Silk Pie was my favorite then, and still is.

Dream job: To shop for a living.

Work philosophy: Do the thing you dread most first.

Best advice you’ve been given: Buy Starbucks stock when it was $3 a share.

Is your glass half-empty or half-full? Half-full of a dry, white wine

Office attire: A ladylike dress and great jewelry, or leggings, big sweaters and boots

Weekend attire: It has a fancy name now—athleisure apparel. It used to be called sweats.

Signature accessory: My dreadlocks.

Which actor would play you in your film biography? Amy Sedaris

What would your last meal be? Mexican corn, key lime pie, dry, white wine

Describe your office decor: We just moved our offices so my new office includes a gold bar cart, a sectional sofa with velvet squirrel pillows, a burgundy lacquer desk, fancy acrylic desk chairs and a mini fridge. Everyone congregates here for obvious reasons.

What scares you? Stupid people with guns

What motivates you? A half-full glass of dry, white wine

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