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Brides find their own way to prep for ‘I do’


As someone who has witnessed her unfair share of raunchy bachelorette parties traipsing around the Mall of America and other locales (is it really in good taste to ask strangers for money to remove Life Savers stapled to your shirt?), I applaud companies creating fun environments for young women celebrating their upcoming nuptials.

For instance, the GoGo Party Bus franchise, based in Atlanta, rents upscale buses equipped with a sober driver, TVs, strobe lights and even karaoke machines. Who needs to get off the bus?

For bridal parties with a little more time on their hands and rolls around their middles, there’s a bridal party boot camp, called Fit Farm. This bachelorette sweat party’s aim is to get you ready to fit into your wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses. It’s a commitment though: six days of training, seven hours a day.

But the franchises we think have the most bachelorette potential are the sip-and-paint businesses, from which there are many to choose.

For Bottle & Bottega, “the bridal/wedding category is a big one for us,” says CEO Nancy Bigley. Some are comprised of mixed groups that include the mother of the bride and aunts, which tend to be calmer, Bigley says, or the hyped-up party of peers that tends to go through a couple more bottles of wine than the first group.

In order to make that bonding time special, Bottle & Bottega staff came up with several projects where the bridal party makes the bridal memory gifts.

Painting on wooden pallets lends itself to monograms or inspirational sayings. Murals, where each bridesmaid’s canvas is put together like a jigsaw puzzle, is another option, or creating the guest book: a canvas in the wedding colors for guests to sign. But of course, the most daring option is the nude model painting class that a bride with a vision came up with (shown above). The class was so popular that Bigley says they made it an option for Girls Night Out, as well as bachelorette parties.

Combining alcohol and nudity, however, means the franchise owners have to check their local ordinances to be sure it’s legal.

We also searched for franchises catering to bachelor parties and came up empty. Apparently, men would rather paint the town red, than a canvas.

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