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Snap Fitness teams with NASCAR driver, plus more


NASCAR driver Landon Cassill easily can lose five to 10 pounds during every race, so why does he need to work out at a gym? Well, unfortunately, it’s not fat pounds drivers lose during a race, but rather sweat. 

Landon Cassill

Want to exercise like a race car driver? Follow Landon Cassill’s workout on Snap Fitness’ website and on YouTube.

While many Americans are struggling to fit behind the wheel, Cassill is concerned with being fit behind the wheel for 500 miles at a pop. It may seem as if stock car drivers are pseudo-athletes, but controlling a 3,300-pound car at speeds of up to 200 mph takes strength, stamina and the heart of a marathon runner.

Which is why when Snap Fitness, the 2,000-unit chain based near Minneapolis,  decided to sponsor the No. 40 car, it also worked with Cassill on his fitness plan.

A video on Snap’s homepage and on YouTube shows the workout Charlotte, North Carolina, franchisee and trainer Ed Ghaleb designed for Cassill to do on the road. It consists of standing lunges with weights, pull-ups, push-ups (with feet on a bench), hip cable pulls, triceps dips and medicine ball passes.

Cassill is in the driver’s seat of Snaps’ promotion, 40 Days of Landon, which includes a 40-day membership to Snap for $8.95, plus a chance to win one of 40 prizes (the 40 is in honor of Cassill’s car’s number, in case you’re not a fan).

And while Snap is promoting the NASCAR Sprint Series, the muscles behind the brand are well aware that fitness is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. 

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