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RFDC: Come for the deals, stay for the Flay


When people ask why they should attend the Restaurant Finance and Development Conference, it’s difficult to name just one reason—or even five.

But we’ve pared ed down the list of reasons to the five most-important things that only this conference can provide from November 13-15 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

1. The Speakers. Even if you know everything there is to know about restaurant finance and running a restaurant and can’t possibly handle another deal, the speakers are a breath of wisdom, insight and humor.

This year, veteran journalist and host of Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace kicks things off with a discussion on the news and politics that are shaping public discourse. If anyone can bring a little sanity to the world of “fake news,” it’s Wallace.

Bobby Flay will get things started Tuesday morning. The celebrity chef with an array of TV shows and a longer list of successful restaurants will be talking about the unique regulation A+ deal or “mini-IPO” he’s working on for Bobby’s Burger Palace.

2. Industry Update: The RFDC begins with a highlight reel of what’s driving the restaurant world. The TED Talk-styled roundup includes valuable information from restaurant luminaries like Deloitte’s Kevin Lane, who will discuss the franchise life cycle; Cowen’s Andrew Charles, who will dig into the explosion of third-party delivery; and Jocelyn Mangan of Snagajob, who will discuss how automation is changing the role of the hourly worker. And that’s just half the bill.

3. Insightful Education: RFDC seminars are unique. Nobody is selling you on their service, nobody is begging for your email and nobody is dumbing it down—it’s just the best insights from the most astute names in the industry.

Tune in to sessions to hear what the market is saying about restaurants, how M&A activity and valuations are changing and how some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry got where they are today. Oh, and CFEs, get your credits here!

4. Free Consulting: Getting to sit down with industry leaders in sessions like Jim Haslem and Steven Cohen’s Lease Renegotiation Clinic or Fred LeFranc’s session on delivery strategies is one of the best ways to trim your consulting budget while still getting practical, actionable information.

5. The Deals: And the ultimate reason to attend for most (and the reason our venerable event coordinator Gayle Strawn rented half the Cosmopolitan) is the deal making. In every corner, every conference room and every spare space at the RFDC there’s a deal being made. The RFDC is the place to make things happen. And hey, it beats a beige Cleveland boardroom in winter. Visit Restfinance.com/RFDC for more info.

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