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269. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Last Year's Rank: 278

Investment Range: Over $1 Million

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Tim and Karrie League founded the first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in 1997 in Austin, Texas. This brand of movie theaters is known for its dining services and its strict policies concerning customer conduct during movie screenings. Alamo Drafthouse has been selling franchises since 2003 and has a number of locations, mostly in the southern and southwestern United States. After selling his share of the company (along with his wife) in 2004, Tim League went on to start a movie production company called Drafthouse Films.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $170,000,000*

US Units: 25

International Units: 0

Total Units: 25

Percent Franchised: 56%

% International Units: 0%

US Franchised Units: 14

*Franchise Times Estimate

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