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9. Domino's

Last Year's Rank: 11

Investment Range: $250K to $500K

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

The brand's founder, Tom Monaghan, owned Domino's until 1998 when he sold a majority share to Bain Capital. Domino’s Pizza currently has over 12,500 locations in 73 countries. Amid a turnaround that has included new recipes and marketing, the company’s stock has risen 700 percent in the five years preceding February 2016.

Among criticisms of poor taste from their pizzas, it launched the “Domino’s Pizza Turnaround” in 2009. Domino’s came out with a new pizza recipe, innovated its sandwiches, pastas, and side dishes, and implemented a self-deprecating marketing strategy to resonate with consumers.

As part of a significant focus on technology and future delivery methods, Domino’s also implemented a “Pizza Tracker” in 2008, which allows customers to follow their order as it’s being cooked and delivered. 

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $10,900,000,000

US Units: 5,371

International Units: 8,440

Total Units: 13,811

Percent Franchised: 97%

% International Units: 61%

US Franchised Units: 4,979

International Franchised Units: 8,440

Sales Growth %: 10.1%

Unit Growth %: 10.2%

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