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344. GolfTEC

Last Year's Rank: 355

Investment Range: $250K to $500K

Category: Personal Services

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Company Description

GolfTEC uses its own indoor training programs (which use video and motion capture technology) and equipment fitting processes. Business partners and graduates of golf management school, Joe Assell and Mike Clinton founded this golf-training concept in 1995 in Denver, Colorado. Their company became a franchise in 2003 and there are now hundreds of GolfTEC service providers in the United States as well as select international sites. GolfTEC is based in Centennial, Colorado.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $92,625,425

US Units: 163

International Units: 28

Total Units: 191

Percent Franchised: 50%

% International Units: 15%

US Franchised Units: 67

International Franchised Units: 28

Updated Statistics

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