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25. Panera Bread

Last Year's Rank: 26

Investment Range: Over $1 Million

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Panera Bread is an American chain of bakery-café restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. Panera’s official “Food Policy” details its commitments to clean ingredients, transparency, and a positive impact on the food system. Panera made a commitment to remove artificial additives by the end of 2016. Panera opened its 2,000th location in Elyria, Ohio on March 23, 2016.

Panera does not sell single-unit franchises, so it is not possible to open just one unit. Panera requires the franchise developer to open a number of units, typically 15 in a period of 6 years.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $5,177,739,000

US Units: 2,017

International Units: 19

Total Units: 2,036

Percent Franchised: 56%

% International Units: 1%

US Franchised Units: 1,116

International Franchised Units: 18

Sales Growth %: 7.0%

Unit Growth %: 3.2%

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