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348. Saladworks

Last Year's Rank: 354

Investment Range: $250K to $500K

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

This quick-service, made-to-order salad restaurant chain is based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. John Scardapane created the Saladworks concept in 1986, opening his first outlet in a New Jersey mall. Its restaurants serve a variety of sandwiches and soups alongside its signature, entree-sized salads. Saladworks sold its first franchise agreement in 2002 and today has units throughout the U.S. with most locations on the East Coast or in the Pacific Northwest.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $76,442,000

US Units: 87

International Units: 3

Total Units: 90

Percent Franchised: 99%

% International Units: 3%

US Franchised Units: 86

International Franchised Units: 3

Updated Statistics

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