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23. Sheraton

Last Year's Rank: 23

Investment Range: Over $1 Million

Category: Hotel Travel

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Company Description

Sheraton Hotels is Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide’s largest and second oldest brand. Sheraton holds over 440 hotels across 75 countries.

Sheraton 2020, a new 10-point plan, was released in 2015, announcing the premier line of Sheraton Grand hotels. The plan also stated a company goal of opening more than 150 new Sheraton hotels worldwide by 2020.

Beyond building out its new concept, the Sheraton 2020 plan includes measures to add confidence in its owner community and bolster its brand image through a $100-million global advertising campaign running through 2017.  

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $5,950,000,000*

US Units: 192

International Units: 251

Total Units: 443

Percent Franchised: 50%

% International Units: 57%

US Franchised Units: 161

International Franchised Units: 59

*Franchise Times Estimate

Updated Statistics

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