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398. Tailored Living

Last Year's Rank: 408

Investment Range: $150K to $250K

Category: Home Services

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Company Description

Tailored Living was founded and franchised in 2006, with services providers throughout North America. The company specializes in redesigning both residential and commercial spaces for the purpose of organization and the efficient use of space. Tailored Living often works with spaces such as closets, foyers and both home and commercial offices. PremierGarage, another home service and designing brand, is a subsidiary company of Tailored Living.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $61,200,000

US Units: 175

International Units: 35

Total Units: 210

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 17%

US Franchised Units: 175

International Franchised Units: 35

Updated Statistics

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