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30. Westin

Last Year's Rank: 32

Investment Range: Over $1 Million

Category: Hotel Travel

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Company Description

Westin is a high-end hotel brand owned by Starwood Hotels, the hotel conglomerate that also owns Sheraton. Starwood became full owners of the company in 1998. Since 2005, the company has paired with Nordstrom to offer the “Heavenly Bed” brand, part of the company’s mission to provide comfort and wellness to guests.

Westin reached its 200th worldwide location in June 2014, after opening the Westin Chongqing Liberation Square in China. The Westin location debuted in Qatar in April 2016, expanding its footprint to over 40 locations, and is currently targeting Latin America, China and India for expansion.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $4,400,000,000*

US Units: 131

International Units: 94

Total Units: 225

Percent Franchised: 47%

% International Units: 42%

US Franchised Units: 81

International Franchised Units: 24

*Franchise Times Estimate

Updated Statistics

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