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58. Whataburger

Last Year's Rank: 58

Investment Range: Over $1 Million

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

This burger restaurant is mostly located in the Southern U.S., with more than 80 locations spanning 10 states. The company's core products include the "Whataburger", the "Whataburger Jr.", the "Justaburger", the "Whatacatch" (fish sandwich), and the "Whatachick'n." The company offers a breakfast menu.

The Dobson family, based out of San Antonio, owns the majority of Whataburger organizations, with more than total 600 franchises. Whataburger has a select franchisee group, as only 15 percent of Whataburger units are franchised by 25 franchisees.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $2,278,624,000

US Units: 821

International Units: 0

Total Units: 821

Percent Franchised: 15%

% International Units: 0%

US Franchised Units: 124

Updated Statistics

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