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224. Wienerschnitzel

Last Year's Rank: 224

Investment Range: $500K to $1 Million

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

This fast-food, hot dog chain began as a single store in Wilmington, California, in 1961, called Der Wienerschnitzel. John Galardi, the brand's founder, began selling Wienerschnitzel franchises in 1965. The brand is known not just for its food but the distinctive architecture of its restaurants. Today, Wienerschnitzel is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $249,117,809

US Units: 317

International Units: 2

Total Units: 319

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 1%

US Franchised Units: 317

International Franchised Units: 2

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