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176. Yogen Fruz

Last Year's Rank: 181

Investment Range: $250K to $500K

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Yogen Fruz is a Canadian-based chain of frozen yogurt and smoothie stores. Menu items can be customized into low-fat, non-dairy, no-fat, or non-sugar added desserts.

The company has more than 1,200 stores, making it the largest franchisor of stores serving primarily frozen yogurt, with over 1,400 locations.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $438,600,000

US Units: 80

International Units: 1,190

Total Units: 1,270

Percent Franchised: 99%

% International Units: 94%

US Franchised Units: 80

International Franchised Units: 1,180

Updated Statistics

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