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262. Yogurtland

Last Year's Rank: 259

Investment Range: $250K to $500K

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

This self-serve frozen yogurt pioneer was founded in 2006 by Phillip Chang, who opened the first Yogurtland store in Fullerton, California. He began franchising the brand in 2007. Today, Yogurtland is an international restaurant company, with locations across the United States along with units in Australia, Venezuela and Thailand among others. Chang became chairman in 2014 to focus on charity work, but returned months later to resume the CEO role.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $164,129,270

US Units: 282

International Units: 45

Total Units: 327

Percent Franchised: 96%

% International Units: 14%

US Franchised Units: 270

International Franchised Units: 45

Updated Statistics

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