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89. Church's Chicken

Last Year's Rank: 88

Investment Range: $348,300 - $1,826,300

Initial Franchise Fee: $15,000

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Church’s Chicken is a U.S.-based fast-food chain with a focus on fried chicken. The Atlanta-based company has more than 1,500 locations in 23 countries, and trades outside of North America and Asia as Texas Chicken.

Church’s was founded by George W. Church, Sr. and started out as “Church’s Fried Chicken-To-Go” in 1950’s San Antonio. By the 1960’s, Church’s had more than 100 locations in seven states.

Church’s has also been remodeling many of its locations, to create a more contemporary look with new seating and a fresh color palette. 

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $1,200,000,000

US Units: 960

International Units: 561

Total Units: 1,521

Percent Franchised: 89%

% International Units: 37%

US Franchised Units: 797

International Franchised Units: 561

Sales Growth %: 0.6%

Unit Growth %: 0.4%

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