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104. El Pollo Loco

Last Year's Rank: 105

Investment Range: $502,000 - $1,100,000

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

El Pollo Loco is a California-based chain best known for its Mexican-style grilled chicken. Translating to “The Crazy Chicken in Spanish,” the company operates hundreds restaurants centered on the southwestern U.S.

Founded in 1980, El Pollo Loco has been remodeling its locations to update exteriors and hold true to the brand’s heritage. It is a publicly traded company.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $868,409,000

US Units: 484

Total Units: 484

Percent Franchised: 56%

% International Units: 0%

US Franchised Units: 271

Sales Growth %: 3.2%

Unit Growth %: 1.5%

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