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95. Hooters

Last Year's Rank: 96

Investment Range: $2,256,500 - $4,275,000

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

This casual dining chain specializes in American fare but is most famous for its buxom and scantily clad wait staff. Founded in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, the original idea was to create a place the founders “couldn’t get kicked out of.”

The Hooters restaurant brand is the shared trademark of Hooters of America, Inc. and Hooters, Inc. These two companies are headquartered in Atlanta and Clearwater, respectively. Florida-based family office Nord Bay Capital and New York-based private equity firm TriArtisan Capital Advisors acquired Hooters from Chanticleer Holdings in July 2019.

Hooters has more than 400 locations in over two dozen countries.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $1,015,442,708

US Units: 342

International Units: 90

Total Units: 432

Percent Franchised: 52%

% International Units: 21%

US Franchised Units: 133

International Franchised Units: 90

Sales Growth %: 2.7%

Unit Growth %: 1.2%

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