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254. PuroClean

Last Year's Rank: 287

Investment Range: $72,732 - $190,582

Category: Cleaning Services

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Company Description

Rory O'Dwyer and Dick Spohn founded PuroSystems, a disaster reparations service, in 1990 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They sold their first franchise in 1991. PuroClean is the cleaning services specific franchise under the PuroSystems brand umbrella. PuroClean was founded and franchised in 2001. PuroClean service providers have the equipment and expertise to clean up commercial and residential spaces after such disasters as severe storms, fire, flood or bio-hazardous spills.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $173,306,592

US Units: 227

International Units: 35

Total Units: 262

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 13%

US Franchised Units: 227

International Franchised Units: 35

Sales Growth %: 29.8%

Unit Growth %: 0.4%

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