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15. RE/MAX

Last Year's Rank: 10

Investment Range: $38,000 - $219,000

Category: Home Services

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Company Description

RE/MAX is a real estate franchise that connects prospective homebuyers with residential properties, as well as providing commercial real estate opportunities. The company’s franchise model allows agents to keep nearly all of their commissions while paying separate fees for marketing, office space and other services.

RE/MAX, which is short for Real Estate Maximums, is based in Denver, Colorado, and has units worldwide, including countries such as South Africa, Uruguay, Portugal and Thailand. It is known for its dozens of recognizable hot air balloons sporting the company’s logo.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $10,048,038,894

US Units: 3,790

International Units: 4,439

Total Units: 8,229

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 54%

US Franchised Units: 3,790

International Franchised Units: 4,439

Sales Growth %: -7.9%

Unit Growth %: 4.9%

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