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38. Arby's

Last Year's Rank: 35

Investment Range: $314,550 - $1,844,200

Category: Restaurant

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Company Description

Arby’s, founded in 1964, is the second-largest sandwich restaurant brand in the world with thousands of locations in seven countries. CEO Paul Brown leads Inspire Brands, the new parent company formed when private equity firm Roark Capital bought Buffalo Wild Wings and R Taco.

The fast-food chain has had a big presence in television advertising and is well known for snarky social media marketing such as tweeting at celebrities during award shows. A large remodeling initiative is still in progress, giving Arby’s locations a cleaner, sleeker look, and recently added menu options include a “traditional gyro” and a venison sandwich.

Arby’s has also recently committed to becoming more energy efficient by reducing energy costs, installing Energy Star-certified gas fryers in many of its locations, and testing out smart kitchen technologies that track, monitor, and adjust performance of equipment.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $3,708,000,000

US Units: 3,283

International Units: 132

Total Units: 3,415

Percent Franchised: 68%

% International Units: 4%

US Franchised Units: 2,205

International Franchised Units: 132

Sales Growth %: 1.26%

Unit Growth %: 2.06%

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