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Last Year's Rank: 108

Investment Range: $283,700 - $824,300

Category: Automotive


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Company Description

Carstar is an auto body repair chain with more than 650 locations in 35 states and 10 Canadian provinces. Carstar’s services range from fixing minor dents to restoring a customer’s entire vehicle after an accident. 

Carstar also offers a 24/7 assistance program and fleet services. Driven Brands, a portfolio company of Roark Capital Group, owns Carstar’s U.S. and Canadian operations, which were consolidated back in 2016. 

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $847,000,000

US Units: 275

International Units: 288

Total Units: 563

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 51%

US Franchised Units: 275

International Franchised Units: 288

Sales Growth %: 13.48%

Unit Growth %: 11.71%

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