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268. Retrofitness

Last Year's Rank: 278

Investment Range: $944,000 - $1,592,250

Category: Personal Services

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Company Description

A gym center franchise based out of New Jersey, Retro Fitness is a full-service gym that offers fitness classes, an on-site chiropractor, a smoothie bar and child care along with a full range of exercise equipment. Eric Casaburi created the Retro brand in 2002; he turned the company into a franchised business in 2006. Today there are over a hundred Retro Fitness units across the United States; over half of its franchisees operate multiple Retro units.

Company Statistics

Global Sales: $157,537,822

US Units: 146

International Units: 0

Total Units: 146

Percent Franchised: 100%

% International Units: 0%

US Franchised Units: 146

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