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We call it the Franchise Times Vendor Directory, but it’s more than that.  Here you will find a complete index of expert franchise advisors and suppliers who can help you grow and prosper in your franchise business.  The Franchise Times Vendor Directory is the go-to resource for finding a partner in accounting and legal services, advertising, data management, design, HR, insurance, marketing, payroll, real estate, remodeling, signage, technology, training and more. These companies are all listed alphabetically, and by their specialty. They are well-versed in franchising. So go ahead and identify the tasks you can outsource to these experts. Make an appointment with them today. Then, you will have more time to devote to what you do best -- growing your business.

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Vendor Directory

Fullerton Building Systems & Finish Systems

Terri Elias & Ray Buchanan
Map13605 1st Avenue North
Plymouth, MN 55441
(800) 450-9782; (866) 915-9995
(507) 376-9530
  • Business Services
  • Products / Supplies
  • Other
  • Remodels & Restorations


Fullerton Building Systems (FBS) was created in 1962 as a manufacturing division of the Fullerton Companies that was founded in 1882. Through an ongoing commitment to innovation, technology and service, we design, engineer, manufacture, deliver and assemble panelized building packages with factory applied exterior finishes-in record time.

Building in a climate controlled manufacturing environment, our panels are produced with consistently high quality and delivery certainty. They are engineered for quick assembly in the field that ensures you fewer building delays and reducing the overall construction schedule. Typical smaller projects can be erected on-site in 4 days. This accelerated on-site duration sets a quick pace for other subsequent trades, minimizes setbacks due to inclement weather allowing you to open your new facility weeks sooner than a traditional approach. At Fullerton, we deliver excellence at the speed of business.

Watch our informational and time lapse videos located on our websites to illustrate how our unique approach to providing either a variety of finished exterior veneers (FFS) or a unique systemized and factory fabricated building system (FBS), can add value and drive ROI to your building program. Whether you are renovating, building new or looking at a scrape and re-build of a current building, contact a representative at the Fullerton group of companies to see how we can integrate an element of pre-fabrication into your “Project Delivery Team” and help remove barriers to your project success.

Additional Offices

Worthington, MN Tulsa, OK

Additional Information:

Year Started: 1962
Represents: Both Franchisors & Franchisees
International: yes
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