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We call it the Franchise Times Vendor Directory, but it’s more than that.  Here you will find a complete index of expert franchise advisors and suppliers who can help you grow and prosper in your franchise business.  The Franchise Times Vendor Directory is the go-to resource for finding a partner in accounting and legal services, advertising, data management, design, HR, insurance, marketing, payroll, real estate, remodeling, signage, technology, training and more. These companies are all listed alphabetically, and by their specialty. They are well-versed in franchising. So go ahead and identify the tasks you can outsource to these experts. Make an appointment with them today. Then, you will have more time to devote to what you do best -- growing your business.

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Eddie Starke
Map6965 El Camino Real
Suite 105-550

Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 407-5299
  • Technology
  • Human Resource-Labor Management-Payroll


OpenSimSim is the provider of a premium employee scheduler/communication & collaboration tool for hospitality, retail, and restaurants. Our system is cloud based, operates on computers and mobile devices (iOS, Android) and is completely free of charge. Fee based, we offer an advanced time & attendance system that includes features such as Accurate Measurement of Time Worked, HR-Compliance Safeguards, and integrates seamlessly with payroll. OpenSimSim proudly serves thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Veteran owned.


Additional Description

OpenSimSim Employee Scheduler-Communication/Collaboration Tool saves managers time, which can then be applied to other tasks; prevents managers from making costly mistakes, such as inadvertently scheduling overtime; and keeps managers on target, labor cost-wise, by comparing the cost of the schedule written to that which is budgeted before posting.

We improve customer service by improving operations. Our system makes connections instantly (real time) to team members wherever they may be so that discussions, decisions and directives that “get things done” are made without confusion or delay. The manager logbook also streamlines operations.

In addition to the benefits of our system, managers and employees love what our scheduler does and how it does it. Users appreciate our in-app-chat feature which provides them instant answers from us, whenever they need them. We appreciate our customers and enjoy serving them.

Additional Offices


Additional Information:

Year Started: 2013
Represents: Both Franchisors & Franchisees
International: yes
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