White Papers

Franchise Times’ library of white papers will make you a more knowledgeable franchise operator on a number of subjects near and dear to your business’ bottom line. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything from international expansion to new technology.

OSHA: Better Safe Than Sorry


Are you compliant with new OSHA log reporting guidelines, specifically those under the Trump administration?  This whitepaper will cover the changes seen under the Trump administration and a few critical mistakes to avoid in the workplace.

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The Guide To Building a Loyalty and Ordering App


In the world of digital and personalized communications, your restaurant or retail business will lose a lot without a mobile loyalty and ordering solution.  Numerous case studies of innovative brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Hooters, Bake Cheese Tart, etc.) easily verify significant business achievements. Read up on why you need to create your own ordering app and what it should include.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Starts With #YouToo


After a tumultuous year of sexual assault allegations splashed across the headlines, you want to be sure your business doesn’t become the center of the next scandal.  

This white paper will help you understand the #MeToo movement, how sexual harassment affects your bottom line, help you identify problematic patterns of behavior and other risk factors, and offer you guidance on the best practices.

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Successfully Selecting and Deploying a Recruiting and Talent Management System in the Service Industry


A successfully implemented Talent Management system can result in outstanding results to your business, especially when dealing with the high turnover service industry.  Learn the five questions to ask when deploying a recruiting & hiring system in the Service Industry. 

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Reduce Back Office Labor 50%


New generation accounting software reduces back-office staff 50% because it programmatically communicates with POS systems and franchisor/vendor software plus auto-allocates journal entries upon auto data input. Data entry/error correction requirements are spectacularly reduced. Month-end close moves from weeks to days.

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Netsuite for Restaurants:  A Unified Solution to Manage Your Restaurant Chain


Many restaurant chains operating disparate software applications contend with process delays, high costs and poor visibility that complicate franchisee transactions and financial and supply chain management. Download this whitepaper to learn how NetSuite dramatically improves business visibility and agility, allowing your company to focus on delighting diners.

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From Preparation To Recovery: The Loomis Business Continuity Plan During Hurricanes Harvey And Irma


Natural disasters can wreak havoc on businesses. During one of the most devastating hurricane seasons in more than a decade, Loomis worked around the clock to keep employees and customer interests safe by implementing its highly coordinated Business Continuity Plan.

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