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Hiring Is Tough & You’re (Probably) Doing It Wrong


It’s no secret to owners and managers in franchising: hiring people is hard work, time consuming and, in more ways than just financially, a very expensive process. Making matters worse, because few people are ever trained in the intricacies and science of smart hiring, most of us are honestly just bad at it.

I can’t tell you how often hiring—or the shortage of labor in general—comes up in my interviews with franchisors and franchisees, be they single-unit owners or large multi-unit operations. Hiring isn’t easy for anyone, and franchising is particularly impacted because of the growing shortage of entry-level workers thanks to demographic and social changes that are only accelerating in the United States.

Through two recent interviews, with Luke Fryer (CEO and founder of Harri) and Adam Robinson (CEO and co-founder of Hireology), I learned some valuable insight on what everyone’s doing wrong, and how innovation is leading to a smarter hiring process that can dramatically reduce the amount of time and money wasted on attracting sub-par candidates.

“I realized quite quickly that the world was very beholden to Craigslist,” Fryer said about many companies' default talent pool. “If we think about how Craigslist operates, I wouldn’t use it for my dating life, so why would I use it to find the most valuable resource for my business?”

He went on to describe the current process, where hiring managers cobble together candidates and information from a long list of timeworn sources that ultimately lead to too many people with the wrong qualifications and experience, and too few candidates with the right hard and soft skills to really boost a business with that additional hire.

“Everybody is really focused on volume over, let’s call it, quantity over quality,” Fryer said. "There are too many platforms that are trying to be all things to all industries.”

Robinson sounded many of the same alarm bells, adding that Hireology is a straightforward platform that helps companies do a better job of finding better candidates—and definitely is not a recruiter doing the work for them.

“The reality is that nobody ever teaches you how to do this stuff,” he said. “It is an acquired skill, acquired through the very expensive process of trial and error where people figure it out until they land on a process they like and they stick with it—most companies are no better than a coin flip.”

And that comment brought us to the most intriguing little nugget: Robinson claims that relying too heavily on resumes, asking the wrong questions and tapping the wrong talent pools can lead to results that are WORSE than 50/50 when it comes to finding long-term, high-quality employees. That is just bananas, and really expensive.

As I watch a family of five rabbits outside my window (sorry, random aside), I’m going to keep digging into this topic. I’ve interviewed far too many people who all say the same thing: hiring is awful and it isn’t getting any easier.

It sounds to this reporter like Harri and Hireology have found a real need in the franchise marketplace, and I look forward to learning more about how each company sees ‘zors and ‘zees breaking through this logjam to start using some more powerful and more modern tools to sort through the chaff to find that delicious, golden wheat.

NOTE: Photo by Carl Heuer
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