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Public Relations 101

Share brand equity and watch sales soar


In nature certain animals share a symbiotic relationship. Take the Egyptian Plover bird and the crocodile. The birds eat the crocodiles' parasites, which provide them with protection from other predators and food. The crocs benefit from losing nasty parasites.

Brand equity is the value built-up in a brand. It is measured on how much your customer is aware of your brand…and on how much your sales increase once you’ve begun paying attention to your brand. And, in a similar way to crocodiles, companies can benefit from sharing brand equity.


Gini Dietrich is president of
Arment Dietrich Public Relations in Chicago.

Gini can be reached at gini.dietrich@
armentdietrich.com or 312-787-7249.

In the public relations and advertising industries we have experienced the challenge of reaching out to new markets—a scary and time consuming task. Businesses are usually wary about choosing a partner with no previous experience in their industry.

We’ve found that sharing equity allows us to reach new markets and change preconceived notions. For instance, Arment Dietrich has expertise in hospitality, while CCFC, an ad firm, has expertise in health care. When we want to reach the audience the other has brand recognition in, we partner.

Like us, you have an opportunity to partner with the brand that has a logo on your front door. A lot of franchisees fight corporate headquarters, and we know why, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to using the equity corporate has already built in your brand.

Following are some items to ask for from corporate in order to help you build your franchise’s brand in your community:

1. Print-ready ads or ads that can be customized to add your local information

2. Any dollars set aside for local media buys or events

3. News releases, Web-ready copy, blog ideas, feature articles, or letters to the editor that you can localize.

4. Local media lists of reporters you should be calling.

5. A PR/advertising national plan you can use to localize to your market.

6. Anything that has been distributed nationally that you should be watching for, including stories in your local papers or on TV and radio and ads in local publications.

George Kase, president of CCFC, co-authored this article. www.ccfc.com/

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