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Land of the midnight sun offers opportunities


The cross is common to most Scandinavian flags, linking Norway to the other countries. The colors are believed to have been influenced by the flags of France, the U.S. and Britain.

Location: Northern Europe (Scandinavia); borders Sweden to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west

People: Norwegian

Population: 5.1 million

Urban Population: 80%

Rate of Urbanization (Annual Rate of Change): 1.35%

Capital: Oslo (Pop. 950,000)

Other Major Cities: Bergen (Pop. 250,000), Stavanger (Pop. 203,000)

Language: Norwegian and Nynorsk (Most have studied English, which it is widely spoken in business meetings)

Religion: 82% Norwegian Lutheran

Culture: Extremely homogenous; 86% are ethnic Norwegian

Government: Democratic Parliamentary Monarchy

Reigning Monarch: Harald V

Prime Minister: Erna Solberg

GDP: $511.6 billion (official exchange rate)

GDP Real Growth Rate: 1.8%

GDP Per Capita: USD$65,900 (12th in the world)

GDP Composition by Sector: Services 56.5%, Industry 41.8%, Agriculture 1.7%

Commodity Exports: Petroleum, machinery, chemicals, fish

Economic Freedom Score: 71.8 (27th in the world)

Ease of doing business: 6th in the world

Corporate Profit Tax Rate: 27%

Number of McDonald’s Outlets: 74

Price of a Big Mac: USD$6.30

Standard of Living: One of the best in the world in terms of housing, income and civic involvement

Education: 82% of adults complete upper secondary education

Visitors Per Year: 2.5 million

Internet Users: 4.4 million

Time Difference: 6 hours of ahead of EST

Calling Code: 011 + 47 + local number

Internet Country Code: .no

Visa requirements: Not needed

Embassy Address: Henrik Ibsens Gate 48, N-0244 Oslo, Norway

Embassy Phone Number: +47 21 30 85 40

Dining Etiquette: The fork is held in the left hand; knife in right

Car rentals: Expensive but available. (Note: fines for speeding can exceed USD$1,000)

Sources: economist.com (Big Mac index), CIA World Factbook, heritage.org (2015 Index of Economic Freedom), howtocallabroad.com, OECDbetterlifeindex.com (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Wikipedia, World Bank Group, U.S. Commercial Service

Norway Krone

Currency: Norway Krone

Current rate: 1 NOK = ).12924 USD or 7.7 USD to 1 NOK


1. Norway’s capital Oslo is its most populous city, and both the economic and governmental center of the country. It’s a seven-hour flight from New York City, but once there, getting around the city is fairly easy since the underground, buses, trams and ferries all share the same ticketing system.

2. Stockholm, Sweden, is the home of the Nobel Prize and the first ‘green’ capital in Europe.

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