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Country Profile: Facts about franchising in Canada


Two red vertical stripes flank a white square with an 11-point red maple leaf centered in it. This official version of the National Flag was designed after a committee was formed in 1964. It replaced the Union Flag in 1965.

Location: North America

Provinces: 10, plus four territories

Capital: Ottawa

Population: 35.8 million

Urban population: 81.8% (Canada’s geography and harsh climate have tended to isolate the rural areas of the country; however, all that is changing with technology and the lessening need to “be in the office.”

Major cities population:
6 million
Montreal: 4 million
Vancouver: 2.5 million
Calgary: 1.3 million
Ottawa: 1.3 million
Edmonton: 1.2 million
Quebec City: 541,000

Ethnicity: Canadian, 32%; English, 20%; French, 15%

Official languages: English and French (Quebec is bilingual, all business documents must be translated in both English and French)

Religion: Roman Catholic (46%); Protestants (41%)

Largest age group: 41% of the population is between the ages of 25 and 54

Median age: 41

GDP: 1.78 billion

Unemployment rate: 6.9 %  (2015 figure)

Currency: Canadian dollar

Conversion rate: Canadian dollar equals 77 cents in U.S. currency, or $1.29 equals 1 Canadian dollar

Time zones: Canada has six primary time zones. From east to west they are Newfoundland Time Zone, Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific. For instance, British Colombia on the west coast is Pacific time and Ontario is Eastern.

Legal System: Common law system, except for in Quebec where civil law is based on the French civil code

Telephone code: (1)

Internet code: .ca

Embassy: Ottawa

Ease of doing business rank by the World Bank Group: 14 out of 189 economies (down from 2015’s ranking of 13)

World Bank assessment of income (Toronto surveyed): High income

World Bank’s Starting a Business rank: 3

Negotiation style: Facts over feelings

Dates: Written day, month, year

Measurement system: Metric

Healthcare: Universal

Visa: Passport or NEXUS card required

Franchise association: Canadian Franchise Association, www.cfa.ca

Sources: CIA World Factbook, Statistic Canada, Kiss Bow, or Shake Hands, World Bank Group, Export.gov, Internet, Bloomberg Business

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