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February 2015

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Oh, Barbie: Check out our Australia quiz

In recognition of Australia as our country profile this month, we’ve come up with a quiz to test your knowledge of the land down under before you read about franchising there on page 43. Consider it an installment of “Have You Been Paying Attention,” Australia’s version of our NPR quiz, “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” a comedy-infused show about current events.

Which Wich fights hunger with PB&J

When your business card boldly states you want to make the world a better place, don’t expect to leave a Conscious Capitalism conference unchallenged.

College athlete chooses Juice It Up!

Here’s one ‘zee who figures Portland, Oregon, is ripe for more juice-bar competition. A former marketer for Nike shoes, she plans to take on a local chain and the national giant, Jamba Juice, with a three-store deal.

Draper duo join forces to open Pie Fives

J.D. Draper has poured 40 years into franchising, including the last 20 as president of operations for V&J Holding Cos. Now he’d like to build something all his own, with son John, to pass on to the family.

1-800-Flowers operator aims to last beyond norm

How a 90-year-old, fourth-generation family flower business evolved into a ‘dirt-to-table’ operation—and defied the odds against longevity. One piece of the puzzle: co-branding with 1-800-Flowers.com at two locations.

For Curves pioneer, everything’s different at EnVie

He may be back in the fitness business, but former Curves President Gary Findley’s latest brand is operating in a brave new world. Can he make EnVie (pronounced on-VEE) into the next big thing?

Buffalo Wild Wings’ franchisee of fresh starts

At his Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, Karim Webb isn’t doing business as usual. For one, the hosts who greet you at the door are well connected to gang culture in the area and look more like security guards than someone schooled in carrying menus to the table.

Attracting millennials may not be easy for McDonald’s

As all eyes are on McDonald’s latest Create Your Taste program, to lure young customers, we tapped a few in the coveted generation to get their point of view. Plus they describe their dream burger, just for fun.

Better-burger chains vie to become a Habit

The Habit Burger just made its notable debut, but the brand is far from alone. Can younger chains gain their share of a crowded market, even as the ‘800-ton-gorilla’ tries some of their tricks?

Can Potatopia make the potato sexy?

Behold the potato, to some a humble starch. But for the founder of Potatopia, spuds are the main event, and he’s trying to build a franchise around it. Now if only it were easier to pronounce.

Where have all the workers gone? Restaurants see shortage

Unemployment’s going down, so labor scarcity is rising at many restaurant chains. Emerging brands, especially, need to emphasize benefits rather than requirements.

Lawsuits happen, but here’s how to avoid them

No one likes to spend time doing legal battle, except perhaps those who bill by the hour. Here’s advice on staying out of the courtroom, with eyes on your prize instead: growing a successful system.

Mall food courts get more than a facelift

As landlords aim to make food courts a focal point, not an afterthought, franchises that may have skipped the mall are taking another look. One standout example is NYC’s Hudson Eats.

Want to beat the bushes for franchisees? Try Australia

Travel time is long; business attire may be shorts. But the reason more franchisors are adding mates down under is simple: loads of opportunity. Those who’ve taken the plunge offer advice.

There’s a lot to like about franchising down under

More franchises test mobile payments

Brands with young customers, especially, are embracing ways to pay with a smartphone. The challenge is sorting out which is best: Apple Pay, proprietary apps, Bitcoin or whatever’s next.

How social media can boost franchise sales

More franchisors are trying social media to attract owners, and finding success. Development pros tell how to make the most of these tools and more.

New assistant editor revs up at Franchise Times

Paul Carolan was promoted to president of Bruegger’s Bagels, taking leadership of the company’s more than 300 bakery-cafés. Plus more news on the movers and shakers.

Clash of titans as DavCo just says no to Wendy’s

DavCo Restaurants, Wendy’s fourth-largest franchisee with 152 stores, is balking at the franchisor’s mandate to remodel 15 stores each year through 2020 and upgrade its point-of-sale system, according to a lawsuit filed in late December by Wendy’s—a move that could be called the nuclear option.

Few places left where ‘zors can shed U.S.-style regs

America, the land of laws and regulations, lawyers and litigation. America, the home of popular movements that sweep across the land, forcing businesses to adapt or suffer the consequences.

Something different at Fresh Grillers, Wahlburgers and Lapels

Anand Gala is nothing if not resourceful. The Famous Dave’s franchisee opened a test kitchen in a Santa Ana, California, strip center early last year.
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From the Magazine

Publisher's Column

Why won’t young men lose their freakin’ beards?

As a mom of grown-ups, Ben and Sam, who are in their 20s, I try not to comment on their choice of dress or grooming (read: facial hair). I imagine how I would like it if my mom told me she didn’t like my hairstyle, or my choice of clothes, without me asking. They are adults, after all.

Loose Ends

Road to hell is paved with uneaten sandwiches

When I left the Which Wich restaurant in Minneapolis’ downtown skyway, I had foolishly planned to hand out the five PB&J sandwiches I bought from franchisee Patrick Melody. The sandwiches were part of Which Wich’s Project PB&J, where customers buy-one get-one-donated (see page 10). Perhaps if I had actually gone outdoors, instead of using Minneapolis’ maze of skyways to return to my car, I would have encountered a homeless person rather than scores of urban professionals on their lunch break. Minnesota’s freezing temperatures don’t make it easy to be a Good Samaritan.
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