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January 2015

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In this issue

The Pipeline: 3 operators describe their deals

They say once the restaurant business gets in your blood it’s tough to quit. Case in point: Huddle House franchisee Greg Hansen. He left Jack in the Box after a 12-year stint that began in high school.

In Asia, turbulent undercurrents for franchising

Discussions of recent legal developments affecting franchising in Asia were held amid the usual trappings of the annual International Bar Association Conference, the first in Asia in years.

Executive Ladder

Executives moving up the franchise ladder.

For some AAMCO ‘zees, party’s over

Whenever a private equity firm buys a franchise, the champagne corks fly. But what happens two or three years in, when the excitement dies and for some, all that’s left is acrimony?

How to build a bigger franchise

How to build a bigger and more profitable franchise? ‘Living Large’ will follow three emerging systems through a year’s worth of challenges: Bottle & Bottega, Executive Care and Wild Wing Cafe.

20 to Watch: franchise trend-setters in 2015

Who will make news in franchising in 2015? Franchise Times presents 20 people, brands and trends we expect to make an impact, and we thank the many readers who answered our call for nominations so we could consider a deep pool.

Title Boxing gets fighting chance in Mexico

Gustavo Miranda Garcia, one of the partners in Title Boxing Club’s area development agreement for Mexico, was one of the privileged kids who attended boarding school in Switzerland and college in London.

Finding area developers in Mexico

A franchise trade mission showcased 11 franchises to prospects in Mexico City and Monterrey in the latter part of 2014. Here’s an update on how deals are done south of the border.

From high-tech to Bollywood in India

1.2 billion people and an emerging middle class are just two good reasons for franchisors to take a second look at India. In December, a second franchise trade mission visited Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru.

India tops many franchisors’ wish list

Developing a franchise in India from California takes some patience and hard work. Here’s one Mexican food chain’s experience and an expert’s advice on smooth sailing into the second-largest market in the world.

Innovation Pavilion brings franchise minds together

A young business incubator in Denver is devoting space to a ‘franchise vertical,’ so emerging or tired systems can co-locate and share resources. Next up: more markets, says CEO Vic Ahmed.

To rent or own real estate: pros and cons

Martin Schelling and his business partner, a franchisee of six Chicken Express stores in Texas, are the owners of Conifer Real Estate and the franchise sector landlords who have bought land and built buildings on behalf of franchisees for nine Dairy Queen locations.

C-stores hungry for food concepts

With super-slim profit margins on gallons of gas, more convenience store operators are turning to fast-food franchises to boost revenue. For the food operators, the challenge is to avoid being an afterthought.

See who was who at the RFDC

There were 2,400 speakers, restaurant operators, finance pros and suppliers at the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, November 10-12, 2014, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. This year’s conference is November 9-11, 2015.

Conference speaks cover Jobs to technology

What do multi-unit franchisees want? Can casual-dining chains be saved? Those topics and more headlined the recent Restaurant Finance & Development Conference. We offer a rundown.

M&A pros tell how to close a deal

‘Back to the feast’ is how one dealmaker describes the pace of M&A these days. But as those who drive the deals know, every transaction takes monumental effort. How to get to closing is their topic.

Bulking up at Pop Weight Loss

She taught Dr. Oz devotees how to lose weight, urged patients to ‘burst the diet bubble,’ and even lost 55 pounds herself. Now Dr. Rebecca Cipriano is peddling Pop Weight Loss franchises amid hefty competition.

Power Train founder adds reps to brand

Can Power Train’s founder turn his contacts with pro athletes into a successful franchise? After bulking up his system’s infrastructure, he’s going to try. Steve Saunders has already signed a few players as franchisees.

Rocky Road to stardom for Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gina Butler, founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes and one-time aspiring country singer, thinks she may get her shot in the spotlight after all. Can she grow her persona and brand—part Southern charm, part Bible-banger, part tough cookie—beyond their small-town roots and play on an international stage?

No free pass for family at Fatburger

The CEO’s son is now Fatburger’s VP of marketing, but his ideas are never rubber-stamped, both men insist. The key is never playing the ‘I’m-the-son card.’ Coming up with a genius new product doesn’t hurt, either.

DreamMaker operator spins many wheels

Dale Ressler drives fast cars, preaches about God at the race track, remodels homes and is a former paramedic. He’s been DreamMaker Remodeling’s franchisee of the year twice.

Ductz ‘zee plays role in sting operation

Patty Clisham went undercover as part of a television news reporter’s sting operation on an unscrupulous duct cleaning service which had solicited a slew of complaints for the Better Business Bureau.

Ice cream sandwiches rule

Ice cream sandwiches made the Top 10 Foods of the Decade, according to NPD, a consumer market research group. Sure they’re No. 8, but they’re among craveable company like pizza and Mexican food.

Way-out outsourcing

We asked franchise notables to name the strangest thing they’ve outsourced, or as Managing Editor Beth Ewen calls outsourcing: “fueling the service economy.” Euphemisms are just another way of saying things that might otherwise make you look lazy.
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From the Magazine

Publisher's Column

Having cake and eating it, too

With this being the January issue, it’s a good time to talk about beginnings: This month, you’ll read our new feature, Living Large. The goal is to bring you the continuing stories of three emerging brands, and how they will approach the challenges set in their way.

Loose Ends

All that and a bag of chips

Remember that old saw about someone being able to sell snow to an Eskimo? Well, I think I just met the two young men who could do it. Gustavo Miranda Garcia, 21, and Patricio Muldowney, 34, definitely have silver tongues, figuratively, not literally.
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