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Astrological signs and your bathroom habits


Here’s what Mr. Rooter and the creative team at Fish Consulting think your bathroom habits are likely to be, based on your astrological sign.

Most likely the last time bathroom humor was top of mind for the team at Fish Consulting was when they were in the third grade (junior high, maybe high school, for the boys). But when their client, Mr. Rooter, wanted to create consumer buzz around the plumbing brand, Fish drilled down and asked themselves, “How can we make this sexy?” according to Andie Biederman, senior account executive for the south Florida PR/advertising agency.

For most of us, restrooms aren’t sexy nor are they playful spots (you do your business there), but that didn’t stop Biederman and team from coming up with an entertaining approach to talk about what humans do behind closed stalls.

Usually when one thinks about signs and bathrooms, one immediately flashes on the obligatory posters about employees washing their hands before returning to work. But Biederman et al. saw a different sign—horoscopes.

“We said, what if we did what each sign says about your bathroom habits,” she explained. And the result was an astrology guide based on feedback from fellow employees at Fish Consulting and Mr. Rooter. (And you thought having a conversation with employees about the need for deodorant was embarrassing.)

The team also researched the attributes of each sign and then packaged all the profiles together in a handy chart. The graphic department at Mr. Rooter came up with the finished design.

So let’s say you’re a Leo (July 23-August 22): Your MO on your BM would read like this: “The Loud and the Proud: When Leos have to go, the whole world knows about it. They also take their sweet time taking care of business, and have no shame in spending extra time looking in the mirror, even with a crowd.” Geminis are Chatty Cathys who like to talk or listen to others gossip while answering nature’s call; Aquarius tend to be conservational flushers; and Capricorns are quick, or “Potty User with a Process,” as the chart points out.

We can only imagine the conversations between staff members once the final chart was circulated. “What’s your sign?” is no longer a pick-up line.

The finished piece landed in the Huffington Post, along with numerous Facebook and social media citings. But the piece de resistance came when celebrity reporters Hoda Kotb and Billy Bush talked about it on the Today show. “We set our sights high; to have it on the Today show,” Biederman said.

The client was more than happy with the approach. “That’s why we love to work with them,” Biederman said. “It’s a tongue-in-cheek brand and they know with consumers you have to be out of the box.”

Out of the box while stalling—it’s all in a day’s work for PR mavens. We can only hope the next time the Fish team has to garner consumer buzz, they do a line of perfumed products marketed as Mr. Rooter’s Toilet Water.

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