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Nate Greenberg


During the 14 years SFG Business Services President Nathan Greenberg actively practiced law, he often drew upon skills not taught in law school. Once, in the late ‘80s, he decided to take some time off to check out his law partner in action. Since he was on “vacation,” Greenberg brought his sketchbook and pastels into the courtroom and started sketching as he watched the proceedings. “After the recess, my partner asked me to leave,” he says. It seems the other side thought the press was in attendance and made their best settlement offer to date. Greenberg’s partner wanted him to leave before his true identity was discovered.

Another time, he started sketching while the opposing lawyer deposed the one witness who could cause the most damage to his case. It so unnerved the female attorney to have her picture drawn while interrogating the witness that she called the judge to complain. “I told the judge, I’m just relaxing after a stressful day … taking notes my way,” he says. Unfortunately, since the judge couldn’t see the scene taking place, the lawyer sounded rather childish when she complained, “but he’s staring at me.” By throwing her off her game, “she didn’t get the damaging stuff she could have,” he says, chuckling. Perhaps art should be a required course in law school.

Greenberg grew up drawing. “I was passionate about comic books,” he says, and during high school and college, he did layout and backgrounds for Marvel Comics. If you’re familiar with Frank Miller’s graphic novel “Daredevil,” the lines for the streets were inked in by Greenberg. There’s only one problem with illustrating comics and street art, quick charcoal sketches of big heads on little bodies — they don’t pay.

“My father told me he’d support my decision to work in comic books if I still wanted to after law school,” Greenberg says.

Greenberg stumbled upon his current career in 2004 through “blatant nepotism … I married Bernie (Siegel)’s daughter, Abby,” he says. Greenberg and Ron Feldman bought Siegel Capital in 2008. As COO and president, “I oversee operations, do trouble-shooting and support on business development,” he says.

“Bernie’s a fun person,” he says. “For being less than 5 feet, he casts an incredibly long shadow.” In addition to working with his father-in-law, Greenberg shared an office with his mother-in-law Shelley for years. “My wife was jealous that I was spending so much more time with her parents than she was,” he says.

In addition to Greenberg’s answers to our personality quiz, we thought you’d like to see some of his artwork. “It’s a hobby; if I aggregated all the money I made selling my drawings, it’s around $15,000,” he says. “If I want something hung, I give it to my mom.”



Greatest accomplishment: My children — a constant work in progress, but the one for which I am most proud.

Best advice you’ve been given: Schedule time each month (if not each week) to work on your business and yourself.

What do you do on your lunch break? Cartooning, with a side order of painting.

Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania

Favorite franchised restaurant: Saladworks (I eat there weekly without fail.)

Favorite reality show: Undercover Boss

Signature accessory: Sketchbook

Most prized possession? Original art by Frank Miller from Daredevil No. 181.

Who would play you in your biography?  Rick Moranis (See self-portrait above)

What’s your favorite indulgence? Time

What would your last meal be? NY Strip, medium-rare with a lobster-infused risotto and spears of asparagus with a glass of Don Julio 1942 chilled. Dark chocolate mousse for dessert with a cup of coffee and a shot of Bailey’s.

What’s on your iPod? I do not own an iPod.

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