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Finding the funny in mobile delivery, plus words you can use


Who knew food on demand could be so funny? But when you combine franchised restaurants and independents with the future, there’s lots of fodder. Cartoonist Dave Allred inked three ideas we thought readers of our Food On Demand e-newsletter would identify with.

The top photo references Domino’s delivery test of its pizzas in driverless cars. Will people mind coming out to the curb to pick up their pizza, rather than have someone ring the doorbell?  Well, dads with daughters don’t like that scenario for dates. We also liked the idea that food could be delivered anywhere, as evidenced by our jail cartoon, and poked fun at Walmart’s contention a few months back that it could ask employees to make deliveries on their way home from work.

Tasty Tidbits

It wouldn’t be a year-end issue without one last vocabulary lesson from the Urban Dictionary. Here are some of our favorite phrases repurposed to fit the franchise lifestyle.

Carpe all those diems — Seize all those days.

“I don’t see us hitting our numbers this year.”

“Come on, let’s go out and carpe all those diems and sell some hamburgers!”

Upperwear — When you work from home and are only seen from the waist up, sitting at your desk while Skyping or appearing on a talk show.

“Why are you so sure Luke doesn’t wear pants when he’s working?”

“Because you only see his upperwear, not what’s below the desk.”

“So you want to make it a condition of employment that people wear pants?’


Hush Puppy Highway — when you have to walk back to the office because your Uber ride left you stranded. (Note: Hush Puppies are a brand of comfortable but not attractive shoes).

“Come back, come back. I promise I’ll give you a high rating. Just don’t make me walk the Hush Puppy Highway. I’m wearing Jimmy Choos.”

Small loan — a million dollars

“You’ll only need a small loan for these remodels, I promise.”

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