Puzder’s ads are just like Klein’s: They create a stir. And they sell hamburgers. As Julie reports, some CKE franchisees dislike the ads, but they love the traffic the commercials bring into their restaurants. Who wouldn’t want to read about Puzder, and what he may be doing next?

We’ve got plenty more to cover this month, as well. FT executive editor Nancy Weingartner talked with serial entrepreneur Mike Enos. We’ve met a few serial entrepreneurs over the years in our franchise travels, but I don’t remember one whose businesses were quite so colorful, or so varied. Think taxidermy, port-a-potties, and shrink wrapping. His latest business, the shrink wrapping, is doing well because of a weary economy. There are so many unfinished projects where the money dried up, that shrink wrapping is needed to preserve them. Who knew?

And of course, who could forget that this issue features the Top 200, a ranking of the largest 200 franchisors in the nation based on sales? You’ll have to peruse the list to find out who’s doing well, because believe it or not, not everyone’s sales have slipped. And take a look at what FT reporter Jonathan Maze has to say about the international growth of these companies. He’s dug into the numbers to give us some analysis of whether international is still the machine for growth or if companies are taking a second look at how to grow creatively.

Controversy. Paris. Port-a-potties. Top 200. Stuffed dogs. Hamburgers. Only Franchise Times covers what you want to know—and maybe even a little of what you don’t.