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Line-X’s bedliner found in unusual places


Line-X’s tagline says “spray-on truck bedliners” but franchisees are finding creative ways to stoke sales of the coating outside the franchise’s truck-bed niche.

“With truck sales down, you can’t focus on (work from) dealerships so we’re being aggressive with marketing for other applications,” says Molly Koehnke, who runs Line-X franchises in Brandon, Fla., and Yorktown, Va., with husband Kevin.

To date, the Koehnkes have sprayed the Line-X coating in some out-of-the-ordinary places, including the decks of two nuclear submarines, ladders for Air Force airplanes and floating docks for boats. Their Virginia franchise was also selected to help spray the Line-X polymer coating on walls of the Pentagon.

The U.S. Department of Defense selected the Line-X coating for the renovation of the Pentagon after 9/11 in the event of another terrorist attack, explains Scott Jewell, Line-X CEO. “Our coating has passed the ballistics standards for the federal government,” he adds. To date, Line-X has applied its coating to more than 200,000 square feet of the building surface.

Other items that franchisees have sprayed with the Line-X coating include:

  • Armored plates used in ballistic vests worn by more than 50,000 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Armor plating around the machine gun mounts used on Hummers and light-armored vehicles
  • Parameter wall around the Washington Naval Yard near Washington, D.C.
  • Animal cages in the San Diego Zoo
  • Bottoms of teacups on the teacup rides at Disneyland
  • Gymnasium floors and walls
  • Toes of steel-toed work boots
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