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Jennifer Kushell


Not many 33-year-olds have been referred to as the guru of their generation. Jennifer Kushell has been leading the charge for entrepreneurial 18- to 34-year-olds for more than a decade. At 19 she founded the Young Entrepreneurs Network; sheís written three books on young movers and shakers, and sheís been an advisor to a diverse group from AOL to Subway to the Australian government. Her roots are in franchising. Her father, Edward Kushell, is a past chairman of the International Franchise Association and her uncle, Robert, is a franchise consultant. Kushell's most recent accomplishment is YSN.com.

First job: Shuffling papers in my auntís office when I was 6.

Dream job: Special advisor to the President on education issues.


Your 15 minutes of fame: When U.S. News & World Report called me a guru (of the generation.) When our last book, "Secrets of the Young & Successful," hit the NY Times Best sellers List and landed at No. 3 on BarnesandNoble.com just under "Harry Potter" and "The South Beach Diet."

Greatest accomplishment: Going live with YSN.com ("Your Success Network"). Creating an online universe to support the most ambitious young people around the world and help them achieve their true potential.

Work philosophy: Do well by doing good.

Best advice you've been given: Slow down and let things take their natural course.

Advice you give: Celebrate what makes you different and spin it to your greatest advantage.

What motivates you? Successful, ambitious, passionate people who are determined to make a difference.


Hometown: NYC and Encino, Calif.

Favorite franchised restaurant: Subway (when Iím good), Nathanís (when Iím bad)

What's in your refrigerator? Myoplex CarbSense Protein Shakes, chicken breast, turkey bacon, ahi tuna, Bubba's Dill Pickles, Diet Coke with Lime, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, parmesan, goat cheese, eggs, edamame, lots of stuff from Trader Joe's, Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio, Pelegrino and whipped cream.

Fiction or nonfiction: nonfiction

What are you reading? "The Google Story"

Favorite reality show: "Entourage" (in L.A. that is reality)

Have you ever walked out on a movie? "Time Bandits"

Spare time activities: Sleep, spinning, cooking, creating Venetian glass mosaics

What CD is in your car's stereo? "1001 Spanish verbs" and "Jack Johnson"

Family: For everyone who's ever asked me this–Yes, I am related to Ed, Bob and Doug (Kushell). They are the best father, uncle and cousin a girl could ever ask for. (Especially in the franchise industry.)

Office decor: Typical high-growth entrepreneurial startup–but without the futons and interns sleeping on the floor.

Office attire: Jeans and flip-flops are pretty prevalent. (We are right down by the beach, after all.) Casual business the rest of the time–especially with visitors.

Weekend attire: Workout gear, ultra casual basics, beachwear, and big sweaters for BBQs at sunset.

Signature accessory: Blackberry (does that count?)

Car: a gracefully aged 740 BMW

Vanity license plate: No way

Boat, plane, bicycle? No boats of our own, but we live in the marina, so there are plenty around. A plane? Definitely soon! A BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is the plan.

What actor would play you in your film biography? Reese Witherspoon–I love how she always plays feisty, young overachievers.

What's your favorite indulgence? Sleeping more than 20 hours in a day.

What would your last meal be? Baklava, Haagen-Dazs, an apple pie-carmel apple–all dessert, for sure.

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