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Oil and gas exports make Kazakhstan viable


Location: South of Russia, north of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.

Size: 9th largest country by area; largest landlocked country in the world that is roughly four-times the size of Texas

Independence Date: December 16, 1991 (from the Soviet Union)

Legal System: Civil law system

Kazakhstan flag

The design features a gold sun with 32 rays shaped like grain to represent prosperity, above a soaring golden eagle. The sky-blue background symbolizes cultural and ethnic unity, as well as the endless sky and water. To the left is a national ornamental pattern which represents the horns of a ram.

Population: 17.9 million

Urban Population: 9.5 million

Population Density: 6 per square mile (16th lowest in the world)

Population Growth Rate: 1.17%

Median Age: 29

Life Expectancy: 70.2 years

Capital: Astana (Pop. 835,153)

Other Major Cities: Almaty (Pop. 1.5 million, former capital)

Language: Kazakh and Russian

Religion: Muslim–70%; Russian Orthodox – 26%

Government: Authoritarian Republic

Healthcare: Government sponsored

President: Nursultan Nazarbayev (has been in office since Kazakhstan’s independence)

Democracy Index Score: 3.17/10 (137th in the world)

Corruption Perception Score: 29/100 (126th in the world)

GDP: USD$225 billion

GDP Per Capita: USD$24,100

Projected 2015 Economic Growth: 1.2% (10th worst in the world)


Currency: Tenge

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 186 Tenge

Literacy: 99.8% (equal number of males and females)

Major Exports: Oil, coal and natural gas

Export Partners: China, France and Germany

Ease of Doing Business: 77th out of 189

Ease of Dealing with Construction Permits: 154th

No. of cell phones: 28.7 million (2012 figure)

Calling Code: 011 + 7 + local number

Internet uses: 54% of population

Internet country code: .kz

Time zones: there are two; the capital is 11 hours ahead of EST

Embassy Address: Rakhymzhan Koshkarbayev Avenue No. 3. Astana, Kazakhstan, 010010

Embassy Phone Number: +7 (7172) 54-09-14

Cuisine: Heavy on the meat, including mutton and horse; rice with almonds and dried fruit

Sources: bloomberg.com, cia.gov, economist.com, euronews.com, howtocallabroad.com, kazakhstan.usembassy.gov, transparency.org, Wikipedia, worldbank.org

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