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All about franchising in Australia, at a glance


The dark blue flag contains the U.K. flag, which appears in the upper left-hand corner with a large Commonwealth or Federation Star below it; on the fly half is a representation of the Southern Cross constellation in white.

Location: Between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean

Neighboring countries (include): Indonesia and Papua New Guinea to the north; and New Zealand to the southeast

Size: 6th largest country in the world, slightly smaller than the continental U.S.

Climate: The driest inhabited continent in the world (which makes it susceptible to the challenges of climate change)

Population: 22.7 million

Official language: English (although more than 100 different languages are spoken there)

Religion: Protestant, 26%; Catholic, 25%

Median age: 38

Percentage of people 55 and older: 27%

Government: Parliamentary democracy

Prime Minister: Malcolm Turnbull

Monarch: Queen of England  

Independence Day: January 1, 1901

Citizenship: Obtained, not by birth, but from at  least one parent being a citizen or permanent resident         

Capital: Canberra (423,000 residents)

Major cities: Sydney (4.5 million), Melbourne (4.2 million), Brisbane (2.2 million), Perth (1.8 million), Adelaide (1.2 million)

Number of time zones: Three (flying to Australia, you will lose a day, but when you return you’ll get it back)

GDP (official exchange rate): $1.224 trillion

Labor force: 12.5 million

Unemployment rate: 6.2%

Service sector: 70% of GDP and 75% of jobs

Ease of doing business rank: 13

Cell phone users: 31 million

Internet country code: .au

Internet users: 20.2 million (90+ percent of the population)

Business dress code: In major cities, professional attire; more casual outside major cities

Currency: Australian dollar

Negotiation style: Australians prefer directness to diplomacy; brevity to long-winded, high-pressure speeches (that tact won’t lead to a closed deal)

Conversations: It’s OK to express your opinions; arguments are considered entertaining, but stay away from politics and religion. Sports and sightseeing are better choices

Culture: Australians appreciate humor (remember Crocodile Dundee’s knife selection?), sometimes at inappropriate times during meetings

U.S. Ambassador: John Berry

U.S. Commercial Service in-country contact: John.Kanawati@trade.gov

American Chamber of Commerce: AMCHAM Australia at www.amcham.com.au

Sources: World Bank Group, CIA World Factbook, Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands, Doing Business in Australia, Internet searches

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