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September 2019

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Franchising Gives Back highlights philanthropic efforts

Putting donations in the hands of public school teachers for their classroom needs. Funding the Make A Splash initiative to teach more children to swim. Supporting wounded service members recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. At its fifth annual Franchising Gives Back Awards celebration on September 9, the International Franchise Association will honor these and more award winners, recognizing franchise companies’ philanthropic programs and the impact they have on their communities.

Kitchen Royalty spotlights 5 franchise chefs who rule

Heidi Gibson works with cheese the way another artist might manipulate paint, pencils or paper. Creamy chèvre, Tillamook cheddar and subtle Havarti are her implements, among so many others.

New in Dealmakers: For franchisee United PF, targets come calling

When you’re known for being a top operator, sellers start coming to you, says Trey Owen, CEO of the largest Planet Fitness franchisee, in an interview to kick off Franchise Times’ year-round Dealmakers coverage.

First franchisee for Naf Naf gets ‘tender loving care’

Being the first franchisee for a system is a leap of faith, but for the first operators in Naf Naf Grill it’s a leap they’ve taken before.

Pincho boss shares midnight donut order obsession in new Grab Bag Q&A

Who would play you in the biopic about your life? Probably Leonardo DiCaprio, for sure. I don’t know why. I love him in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and his hustle as an entrepreneur.

Should you join the securitization craze?

Franchised brands released billions more in securitized bonds to the investor community this year as the practice known as securitization grows.

FT Undercover checks out three stretch brands

First there was Jazzercise, in the 1980s, then Jane Fonda-led VHS tapes in which everybody wore sweater-like cream-colored leg warmers.

QSR brands help franchisee Sun Holdings hit 1,000 units

When its 150th Popeyes restaurant opened in July, Guillermo Perales and Dallas-based Sun Holdings crossed the 1,000-store mark with nine brands.

Just jumping doesn't cut it anymore for trampoline parks

“Launch is not a trampoline park. Why? Because trampoline parks are dead,” declared Brad Artery, COO of the Rhode Island-based family entertainment franchise that has undergone a complete transformation since its first park opened in 2012.

On the water with finance pro and sailboat captain Bob Solliday

Some people dream about retiring and then sailing into the sunset, but longtime franchise finance pro Bob Solliday is finding a way to build a second career of sorts on the high seas.

Kea offers an AI-powered sales boost to QSR concepts

Think you’re busy? Consider the plight of QSR cashiers answering calls while taking in-person orders and coordinating with the back of the house to expedite food. It’s not easy, and we’ve all been on the other side, calling in to place an order and immediately being put on hold.

Culver’s ‘zee diversifies with Blaze, in Multi-Unit Mindset

To provide opportunities for her people—and shift into a smaller footprint model—Dianne Mayer adds Blaze Pizza, keeping in mind the need to ‘show up every day’ as her portfolio continues to grow.

Love affair with cars runs deep at Detail Garage

They say follow your passion when choosing a franchise; the car enthusiasts at Detail Garage are Exhibit A. One describes his ‘childhood dream car,’ a Honda S2000. Another prefers a ‘68 Camaro. All host monthly Rides & Coffee events, where customers can ogle other autos.

Process wonk tunes up Carstar collision repair brand

When Dean Fisher works with Carstar collision repair franchisees who want to go to the next level, he suggests handing out packets of sticky notes in different colors.

Franchisees cash in on competitive capital market

It’s not raining money in the restaurant world, but operators are enjoying the perks of an extremely low interest rate environment and a sector that remains crowded with financing options.

Housing costs are your problem, too. The Urbane Franchisor explores affordability

Many of the most desirable cities have become unaffordable for middle- and lower-income Americans, to the point that it’s time to adjust business plans to reflect the difficulty of doing business in places where employees can’t afford to live anywhere near their jobs.

Freddy’s makes Dubai debut, UAE growth to follow

Knowing it didn’t have culinary expertise, Tastebuds Group went the franchise route with Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, which it believes has the signature products to stand out with help from a heavy dose of marketing.

U.S. franchises in demand in Bahrain, reports Country Profile

Red is the traditional color for flags of Persian Gulf states. The five points of the white serrated band represent the five pillars of Islam. Until 2002, the flag had eight white points, but this was reduced to five to avoid confusion with the Qatari flag.

Brands can improve by putting data to work, in Living Large

Franchises are under intense pressure to stand out in a crowd, but it’s hard to know where to focus time, energy and resources. Smartly scrutinized data, Living Large bosses say, can help identify key opportunities.

Pedal Pub’s ‘simplicity’ draws multi-brand ‘zees, in Deal Tracker

“We’re really good at what we do,” says Mike Knapick, who with his brother, Andy, earned their franchising chops developing top-performing Jimmy John’s locations and today own 10 Dunkin’, three Bar Louie and three CoreLife Eatery locations.

Slew of new labor laws vex employers, from e-cigs to ... jail!

No sooner had I started reporting this column on the slew of new labor regulations at the state and local levels, than Exhibit A landed in my in box.

In England, franchising is strong but worrisome signs can’t be ignored

Samuel Johnson wrote, “… when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”

Give your franchise show story the happily ever after ending it needs

It’s that time of year again when you’ve completed your summer reading list and are ramping up your marketing strategy around budget talks for next year. What story are you telling with your business? And what tools are you using to tell it?

Senior care player tackles turnover, Orangetheory owner takes on Detroit

After 11 years, Marcus Gardner believes he has finally protected his business from direct competitors. What’s more, in the process of defensively adding more territories in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex—three within the last two years alone—he estimates revenue will swell to more than $5 million over the next two years.

Restaurant traffic returns to negative in Q2, reports Scoreboard

It’s starting to sound like a broken record: restaurant traffic officially returned to negative status in the second quarter of 2019 after a brief and lackluster push into positive territory since Q3 of 2018.

New Chill-N CEO bets on ice cream innovation, technology

In 1987, microbiologist Curt Jones decided to pour liquid nitrogen on top of ice cream for the first time, creating a flash-frozen treat. Three decades later, David Leonardo, the recently hired CEO of Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream, is looking to take Jones’ discovery to new heights—and new locations across the U.S.
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Inspiration from grilled cheese to the high seas

I was, by no means, a fabulous cook when my kids were young. I was a working mom, so gourmet cooking took a back seat to shuttling kids to piano lessons and baseball practice, helping them with homework, and baths before bedtime. I did cook, don’t get me wrong, but it was not what you would call inventive.
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