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Franchise Times’ library of white papers will make you a more knowledgeable franchise operator on a number of subjects near and dear to your business’ bottom line. Written by experts in their field, these detailed reports provide the latest thinking on everything from international expansion to new technology.


Franchising In Canada - What Every U.S. Franchisor Needs to Know

Franchising in Canada - The Opportunity U.S. Franchisors Should Know About.

With a population of 37 million people, Canada represents a compelling destination for US franchisors.  Franchising In Canada tells you everything you need to know about expanding to Canada including regional and cultural considerations, differences in disclosure and key areas for adaptation.  

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How NOT to Mess Up Your AP Automation - A Checklist


Don’t let Accounts Payable be a source of pain for you.  Download this checklist and avoid common pitfalls in modernizing your AP department.  

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Restaurant Cyber Crime - How to defend your business


Restaurants have emerged as prime targets for fraudsters. Data breaches at the point of purchase and in the back office can expose businesses like yours to significant financial and reputational damage.  With input from industry experts and bank executives, the new Bank of America Merrill Lynch Cyber Crime report sheds light on key issues

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From preparation to recovery - learn how to prepare your business for natural disasters.


With hurricane season upon us you need to be prepared for natural disasters wreaking havoc on businesses. Read this whitepaper to help put a plan together to keep employees and customer interests safe by implementing a highly coordinated Business Continuity Plan.

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How a restaurant franchisee scaled it’s financial infrastructure with it’s unit growth 


When a family owned Burger King franchisee wanted to scale up in units, they needed a scalable financial management platform to facilitate.  Read this case study to find out how they evaluated their options and selected a new system.

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Case Study: How a Sonic Franchise Operator Cut Costs and Increased Efficiency


Time-consuming cash management, coupled with risky bank runs creates an unnecessary burden on your franchise system. Read this case study to learn how to reduce the time, risk, and loss associated with how your system handles cash at the unit level.

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