911 Restoration

911 Restoration was founded in 2012 and specializes in mold inspection, water damage restoration, fire and sewage cleanup and more at its 220-plus locations. The brand climbed an impressive 60 rankings on the Franchise Times Top 400 to No. 298. 

As the world experiences more fires, floods and natural disasters—a side effect of a changing climate—people are in need of disaster restoration services more than ever, so it’s no wonder companies in that category benefit. Plus, most if not all disaster restoration franchises were deemed “essential” during pandemic shutdowns, which helped the segment add more than $200 million in sales in 2020 to finish the year at $4.6 billion, an increase of 6.2 percent.

Idan Shpizear, co-founder and CEO of 911 Restoration, expects his industry to continue garnering more attention. The brand was founded in 2012 and now has more than 220 units, specializing in mold inspection, water damage restoration, fire and sewage cleanup and more. 911 Restoration climbed an impressive 60 rankings on the Franchise Times Top 400 to No. 298, growing sales 19.5 percent last year to $92 million. Its success can partly be attributed to assuring its team that their livelihoods were safe so they could focus on meeting customers’ needs, said Shpizear.  

“I told our team that their jobs were secure—they didn’t have to worry about their personal survival, so they had the mental and emotional capacity to be all-in on our company mission to be creative, collaborative and positive in the midst of a global crisis,” Shpizear reflected.

The brand’s addition of services such as disinfection and sanitation helped it gain clients’ trust and develop stronger relationships, which Shpizear said has been key to 911 Restoration’s growth. Adjusting brand messaging to “you’re not alone, we understand exactly what you need in this moment and we know how to provide it” helped give their customers peace of mind, he continued.

“We capitalized on a growth opportunity that was already there by making sure we put ourselves in front of the right people,” Shpizear said. "Especially in times of uncertainty, it can be really tempting for business owners to turn their focus inward: ‘How do we keep ourselves going? How can we sell our brand more aggressively?’ But what really helped us was keeping the emphasis on what the client needs.”

PuroClean, another disaster restoration company that provides commercial and residential clean-up to spaces after severe storms, fire, flood or bio-hazardous spills, grew 14.6 percent to $224 million in sales last year and ranked No. 211. Steve White, president and COO, credits this to introducing new technology solutions to keep PuroClean's 300-plus franchisees engaged.

PuroClean’s director of training and technical services, Darren Hudema, hosted a program called the “Microbial Warriors,” where all PuroClean franchise owners learned how to restore property affected by bio-forensic and infectious agents, including COVID-19. They “are uniquely prepared to address cleaning and disinfection for infectious diseases, which of course has been a top concern as the Delta variant causes renewed surges of COVID-19 cases across the country,” White said.

“We kept our teams learning and developing despite the pandemic. We believe this drives value to our owners, who then go out and handle remediation and property care needs for the people in their communities,” White added.

Meanwhile, No. 37 Servpro led the segment in overall sales at $2.8 billion, and No. 189 Rainbow International grew by 4 percent. Restoration 1, ranked No. 286, grew units by 15 percent, the highest percentage within the segment, by adding 33 locations.

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