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McDonald's tops the Franchise Times Top 400, with $93.3 billion in system sales in 2020, down 6.8 percent from the year before. 

No. 1 McDonald’s posted $93.3 billion in system sales in 2020, down 6.8 percent from the year before, and retained first place on the newly released Franchise Times Top 400, which ranks the largest U.S.-based franchises by global systemwide sales. The Golden Arches has 39,198 locations, and average unit volumes are $2.38 million.

Below are the rest of the Top 10. See how all 400 franchises rank here.

No. 2 7-Eleven posted $91.8 billion in sales in 2020, up 3.1 percent compared to the year before, from 72,374 locations worldwide. AUVs are $1.27 million. That’s the closest the convenience store giant has ever gotten to McDonald’s, and that’s for 2020, before closing in May 2021 its $21 billion acquisition of about 3,800 Speedway stores.

No. 3 KFC posted $26.29 billion in system sales, down 5.8 percent, from 21,057 locations. The fried chicken brand founded by Colonel Sanders retained its third place spot on the Franchise Times Top 400.

No. 4 Ace Hardware posted $20.59 billion in sales, up a healthy 21.1 percent, from 5,669 locations. Its status as an essential retailer was one factor driving the increase, which also pushed Ace up one notch, from No. 5 the year before.

No. 5 Burger King had $20 billion in sales, down 12.6 percent, and 18,625 units. Its sales decline was the second worst among the Top 10, after Subway’s 14.9 percent decline. Burger King dropped one spot in the ranking.

No. 6 Domino’s posted $16.1 billion in sales, up 12.6 percent, and had 17,644 units. The pizza delivery king moved up one notch from last year’s ranking.

No. 7 Circle K generated $15.19 billion in sales, up 22 percent from the year before and the largest percentage increase in the Top 10. The convenience store chain had 11,312 locations, and it moved up to seventh place from tenth the year before.

No. 8 Chick-fil-A had $14.1 billion in sales, up 11.2 percent, from 2,610 units. That’s the lowest number of units in the Top 10 generating the eighth highest in system sales. For contrast, see Subway sales and unit numbers below.

No. 9 Subway posted $13.7 billion in sales, down 14.9 percent, from 37,005 units. Subway fell three notches from its No. 6 spot the prior year.

No. 10 Pizza Hut posted $11.95 billion in sales, down 7.3 percent, and had 17,639 units.

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