Looking for a great franchise attorney? Look no further than the Franchise Times Legal Eagles. After a year of chaos and uncertainty, these exceptional professionals are more necessary than ever.

It’s hard to find a concept that didn’t face major change in the last year, which can put incredible strain on a franchise system. These legal professionals play a key role in addressing that strain, and unlike the lawyer across town or your cousin who does divorce law, the Legal Eagles understand what is at stake for both the brand and the franchisee.

With a keen mind for both the legalese and business, they understand the gravitas of every legal battle, every transaction and every document. That engenders a spirit of collaboration and efficiency among this tight-knit group of legal professionals.

No matter the issue, the Franchise Times Legal Eagles want to get it solved so everyone can get back to business. Nobody lasts long on this coveted list while trying to make waves in a dramatic court battle or by driving up billable hours.

This year, we dug into what’s prompted some of the most pressing legal issues in franchising: the COVID-19 pandemic. How will it affect everything from the FDD to operations and franchisee-franchisor relations? Check out this article to find out.

We also looked into potential legislative and regulatory changes under the new administration of President Joe Biden. Are we sliding back into the joint-employer dark ages? Probably not, but that and many other changes could affect franchising; see how here. Lastly, we touched base with some of the newest and youngest Legal Eagles on the list. These youthful legal professionals take a different approach, and clients are reaping the benefits. 

Congratulations to all our Legal Eagles. See the rest of our annual coverage below. 

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