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Snap Together and Other April Fools' Jokes


Do you have more in common than these two dumbbells? Then Snap Together may be right for you.


When Snap Fitness’ Communications Manager Hayley Schnell sent over an email sharing the company's new dating app, Snap Together, I was pretty sure it was an April Fools’ joke (mainly because the subject line of the email said April Fools), but a journalist can’t be too careful. I was reluctant to download it, primarily because the sample screenshot showed a picture of a young woman, whose profile included her weight. I’ve figured out over the years that number is not my strong suit. Not even with the promise of “being swept off your sweaty, sore feet” made me download it without first checking in with Schnell, who reassured me that in doing so I was not asking to be matched up with a jock at the closest Snap Fitness location.

Check out the app and download it to the joke’s end at http://www.snapfitnessoffers.com/#!snaptogetherapp/dsait.

Snap Fitness wasn’t the only brand having fun with its brand. The Washington Post compiled a list of hoaxes, such as:

• Edible Arrangement is not launching a $20,000 gold-plated fruit bouquet;

• W Hotel is not introducing WPOOL, a room-sharing app;

• Waffle House has not begun delivering; and

• eHarmony is not expanding into animal matches.

Reporter Nick Upton forwarded a couple of other worthy pranks:

Grubhub announced it is launching Gruber, “the super-duper revolutionary new ride-sharing product.” In its press release, the company says people who love the smell of food and new cars will love sharing a ride with someone else’s dinner in a stranger's new car. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/grubhub-launches-gruber-the-super-duper-revolutionary-new-ride-sharing-product-300244438.html#continue-jump

My favorite was Open Table, which claims to have perfected taste technology where diners can lick photos on their phones to see how the food tastes before making reservations.  http://taste.opentable.com/#top.

Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon, sent me a link to the latest craze for busy people: pre-colored coloring books for adults. Actually this is a good idea, as long as they didn’t color outside the lines.

The couple of prank emails I did receive made me cautious of other press releases: Did Philly’s Best Cheesesteaks really introduce its New Philly Chicken Cordon Bleu today? Was Sean McCarron appointed general manager for the Waldorf Astoria Orlando? Is Saks Fifth Avenue really going to give me 25 percent off today on any online purchase I make? (Those all seemed to check out, so it’s OK to call Sean to congratulate him.)

The message I wish was an April Fools' joke, but I fear is not, was columnist David Farkas asking if we knew how franchising would be affected by Mississippi’s soon-to-be signed into law that makes it OK for wedding service providers to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Perhaps this is the reason April Fools’ Day has been banned in China.

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