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Eat 182 Wings, Win Free Food for Year at Apple Texas


Molly Schuyler, a former Applebee's server and current No. 1-ranked female competitive eater in the world, set the standard for wings eaters at Apple Texas, with 181.

If you’re swinging through any of the 62 Applebee’s locations owned by Apple Texas, you can take a stab at a gut-busting challenge: Get free food for a year if you can eat more wings than a 127-pound mother of four.

The problem is, that mother is Molly Schuyler, nicknamed Speedbump and a former Applebee’s server and current No. 1-ranked female competitive eater in the world. She could only stomach 181 wings at a Dallas Applebee’s, without a time clock. Speedbump holds the world record for chicken wing consumption, scarfing 501 in 30 minutes, according to a press release from Apple Texas.

Her stunt was to kick off the Apple Texas All You Can Eat Wings offering last week for $14.99, which includes endless fries.

“I am excited to challenge our guests and offer them the opportunity to beat this Applebee’s record for just $14.99!” said Chris Dharod, president of SSCP Management and parent of Apple Texas and Apple Houston, in a statement. 

For some reason no one at Apple Texas was willing to talk about their free-food-for-a-year prize, despite their outside PR firm 150PR putting out a release and time-lapse video about it, which you can see nearby. (What's the point of hosting an attention-grabbing contest and then not talking about it?)

Maybe the problem was this: "Applebee’s Services Inc. is not a sponsor of the contest and cannot be held liable," reads the fine print—although what could possibly go wrong when scarfing down 182 wings in one sitting? Or maybe it’s because Apple Texas appears to be the only franchisee doing a contest like this. 

“Applebee’s wings are the biggest and best wings I’ve ever tasted and I’ve tasted a lot of wings,” said Schuyler. “First, they are big wings, you can go back and forth between bone-in and boneless and they are served with endless fries and house-made ranch. And the value is unmatched,”Schuyler said. Her meal equated to about 8 cents per wing.

Fun fact: Wikipedia lists a long list of eating records for Molly Schuyler, including being named the winner of the July 27, 2017, episode of ABC's revived "The Gong Show." Her performance consisted of her eating six large deli containers full of cottage cheese in under 90 seconds.


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