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CoreLife, Tim Tebow Push ‘Pure’ New Year’s Challenge


Consumers have been trained to be wary of health challenges, as there always seems to be some fine print or a big price tag. 

But Todd Mansfield, co-founder and chief culture officer at CoreLife Eatery, is doing everything he can to keep the brand’s healthy lifestyle challenge “pure.” 

“If we’re being pure in our motive, it’s not about getting people into CoreLife, it’s about telling people, ‘Here are tools or things to think about when you go to any restaurant,” said Mansfield. 

That means including all of the trendy diets and extending the challenge’s tools to non-customers, too. The challenge even includes intermittent fasting, with three full days of fasting during the 21-day challenge. That didn’t make a lot of sense to a few of the partners. 

“They said, ‘You know, if you have 7,000 people and you’re telling them not to eat this day, that’s not good for our business,’” said Mansfield. “But if we really care—not bull-crap care like I care because you’re paying me—we do the right thing and they’ll keep coming back.” 

He said that exposure is worth the financial hit, but the challenge will likely drive traffic, too. Customers who sign up get $250 credited to their loyalty account during the challenge if they purchase a bundle before the challenge starts. That amounts to 60 percent off and means the average of $10 or $11 drops to about $5 during the period, said Mansfield. And once those people try the food, they’re likely to come back. 

“We believe that if people try us, they’ll find that it tastes phenomenal, they feel full and satisfied and you don’t get the negatives that make you feel lousy after you eat it,” said Mansfield. 

The founding partners had that as a central goal: to create a healthy lifestyle brand that people actually enjoyed eating at. It all started with Mansfield and his physician friend embracing a healthier lifestyle. The results of eating better and making healthy lifestyle changes inspired his friend to radically change his practice and inspired Mansfield to get into the restaurant business.  

That healthy lifestyle message also got the attention of Tim Tebow, the celebrity multi-sport athlete who talks a lot about fueling his body right. Tebow, an evangelist for the ketogenic diet, is a fan of the brand’s healthy mission and has plans for his own investment in a future CoreLife market in Florida. 

“Tebow validates that what we built in CoreLife is real. Because he can afford to eat wherever he wants, he can have food shipped in, flown in,” said Mansfield. “Someone like Tim, regardless of your perspective, he’s authentic, and people trust what he says. If he says he thinks it’s real, people believe that he thinks that. He’s looked behind the curtain, he’s seen what we do to make our bone broth and what goes into our falafel. And he’s giving his stamp of approval that there’s no surprises here.”

The marketing also features past participants including a brand fanatic who lost 200 pounds eating at CoreLife every day as further validation. The CoreLife Challenge runs from January 16 through February 5. CoreLife Eatery will open its 50th restaurant later this month, with another 20 to 25 planned for the year. 

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