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TruFusion Rolls Out Meditation, Self-Care Tips for Members


Courtesy of TruFusion

If your local gym isn’t closed because of the COVID-19 virus already, it likely will be soon. Fitness studios and franchises are now challenged with how to retain members, as well as help those members stay fit while staying at home.

TruFusion, an everything-in-one studio backed by athletes such as Russell Wilson and Alex Rodriguez, decided to offer online classes for members ranging from bootcamp to yoga to Pilates. Members can also choose from a variety of time slots, from early morning at 6 a.m. to night classes at 9 p.m.

“Our core mission right now is to get classes up online…while the governor has locked us in our homes, we want everyone to remain healthy and fit,” said Scott Swerland, co-owner and operator of two TruFusion locations in Washington near Seattle, the first region in the U.S. to report a significant outbreak and several deaths at a nursing home.

On Monday, more than 550 members in Washington logged on to TruFusion’s website to complete a workout. With 11 locations open in seven states, TruFusion’s livestream on its website had more than 5,000 views nationwide.  

While most fitness concepts are now pivoting to providing online classes, Las Vegas-based TruFusion is taking it a step further by developing extensive resources for its members. Content such as meditation, nutrition, inspiration and overall self-care tips is slated to launch next week, as well as interactive live-streams with leaders in the health and wellness community rolling out soon after.

“We want everyone to have a clear mind and maybe get some new ideas on what to cook,” Swerland said. “For us, it’s really about building community at this point. If we can do a good job at building and keeping the community healthy, we’ll figure out the rest later.”

With a younger studio that hasn’t been open a year yet, Swerland and his co-operator Gabe Goldberg are still in growth mode. One surprise for them was seeing 35 people sign up for their location's 14-day free trial, available to anyone in the Washington community. Goldberg made sure to emphasize that this is not a marketing ploy and they’re not trying to sell memberships right now. Their studio did recently sell six memberships organically, however. 

“This is a solution first to meet our members where they are,” Goldberg said. “This is not an intentional upsell strategy. We really want to be there for the community that’s been there for us.”

Whether these services will be long-standing features for TruFusion remains to be seen.

“I think right now, what we’re doing is creating an avenue for people to be able to connect through health and wellness. At this moment in time, it requires a different delivery system,” Goldberg said.

The core of their business will remain in the studio after businesses open back up, as the point of group fitness classes include the community and energy that comes from high-fiving the person next to you. But Swerland and Goldberg aren’t afraid to make changes if their community asks for it.

“Unique moments require unique solutions. Sometimes they change things temporarily, sometimes permanently,” Goldberg said. “We’ll listen to our members and serve them in the way that makes the most sense.”

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